Transporting Your Tiny House

The tiny house movement has made its way around the world with growing popularity. Today, retirees and young people alike can own their own piece of the American dream for a significantly lower cost. In the year 2015, for example, the cost of a new home on average was $358,000. Meanwhile, by comparison, the cost of a tiny house built by individuals themselves reached only $23,000. That being said there are additional costs that many new homeowners might not take into consideration. Larger versions of the same tiny houses for a couple or a family can get anywhere up to $67,000. This does not mean that they are not worth the price and the lifestyle change it simply means that you have to take into consideration the underlying costs.

Towing Costs

One of the largest hidden costs associated with owning a tiny home is the cost to tow it. In most places, you are not going to build the structure yourself or hire someone to build it for you on the final resting place for the home. More importantly, many people invest in such a home so that they have the freedom to move it from one place to another. Retirees, for example, might have a home built and then towed to a new piece of property in the Midwest. Young adults starting their lives might have the structure built at a special tiny house University up in Canada and then need to bring the finished product to the new location, for instance, tiny houses for sale in sc.

Moving Yourself

Regardless of whether the tiny house is moved once or multiple times, a large, sturdy rig is necessary to safely transport it. Individuals who want to tell the home themselves have to invest in a truck or an SUV with that capability. This means finding out how much the home ways and finding out the towing capacity of the vehicle in question. For example: a Volvo might have the towing capacity of 3500 pounds and will cost you $35,000 whereas a Ford escape control only 1500 pounds will cost you $25,000.

Beyond this you have to consider the fuel costs. Add to that the wear-and-tear in the vehicle itself. Sure, these cars might be able to tell your tiny house but they are not necessarily built to do it regularly. Truck maintenance might cost you around $300 per month and gas to move such a large home could cost you around $700. Alternatively you might keep the home stationary and simply rent a U-Haul in order to move it once rather than getting a car to move around regularly. On average you will spend $100 a day to rent a 15 foot truck from a U-Haul center. Of course these prices will vary by state and you will still need to rent a towing mechanism.

Hiring Professional Movers

You can of course hire a professional mover, preferably a professional who has already moved a tiny house. You can find companies that offer good rates such as coast to coast transportation. You can give them information about your tiny house and where you want to move and they will send you a bid. The good thing about using a professional like this is that they have professional insurance so if there are damages the insurance will cover it. Transportation companies like these are intimately familiar with some of the laws pertaining to crossing state lines and the traffic rules relating to the transportation of such a large vehicle, things that you might not know and could warrant a citation if you fail to do. There are a handful of variables that a company will use to determine what the cost is including the season, the distance, and the size. Throughout the year the same sized tiny home can cost 50% more depending on when you have it moved. It is in your best interest to consult with a moving company to determine what time of the year is the cheapest and postpone if possible moving your tiny house until that time of the year.

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