Traveling To Amsterdam? What Seeds To Buy There?

Cannabis and Amsterdam go hand in hand as it’s one of the most famous destinations where it’s completely legal to buy and smoke marijuana. Of course, cannabis is legal in many parts of the world now, but Amsterdam holds a special place because it paved the way for other countries to follow suit. Just about anyone who smokes weed wants to try Amsterdam and its incredible culture that welcomes people from all over the globe.

Many people traveling to Amsterdam have one purpose: to try as many strains as they can. And, why not? After all, you’re at one of the hottest destinations in the world where people don’t judge you for smoking your favorite herb, and nobody can blame you for trying everything your heart desires.

Now since you can’t carry the mind-blowing weed you just smoked back to your own country, the next alternative is to buy some seeds! Buying seeds are not legal, depending on the country you reside in, but people do it every day.

To grow cannabis at home, you’ll need some of the best led grow lights, soil, and fertilizers. It’s pretty easy too, so grab all the seeds you can and you’ll have some of world’s best marijuana growing in your very own grow tent. Incredible, eh?

Additionally, it’s way easier to buy seeds online today. You don’t even have to travel to Amsterdam because you can buy them online, but since you’re getting it directly from the actual source, not to mention the amazing sights of Amsterdam, you should pack your bags and head there today.

Basically, you’ll get seeds anywhere in Amsterdam. Most coffee shops offer seeds and you can even try samples to get the best! When buying online, you can rarely be sure about the authenticity, but since you’ll be choosing seeds personally, you can bet that you’re purchasing seeds of some of the best strains in the world.

Also, traveling to Amsterdam has its own perks. Not only will you try some great weed, but you’ll also meet professionals who are extremely knowledgeable about how to grow cannabis. Marijuana is changing the world, and you’ll hear it straight from the horse’s mouth!

If you’re not in the mood to check out seeds displayed in coffee shops, you can simply head to the Sensi seed bank – the oldest and most reputed seeds bank in Amsterdam. As the company has been in business for the past two decades, you can expect the best.

You can also visit the Cannabis museum that’s owned by none other than the people running the Sense Seeds bank. It’s pretty interesting and you will also gain a lot of knowledge to grow your favorite stuff at home.

Apart from the locations mentioned above, you can try the Amsterdam Seed Center or Barney’s Farm Shop to try some exotic seeds. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of carrying the seeds with you, select the seeds and order them online.

Most seeds banks ship internationally today and you don’t have to break out in a sweat whenever you think of the customs officials you’d meet at the airport. There are many options, but it’s up to you to choose the best among them.

Shops like De Dampkring and Boerejongens that focuses more on cultivating marijuana are extremely famous in Amsterdam. They have a huge selection including cannabis cup winners and you’ll be spoilt for choices.

Last but not the least don’t forget to visit “Greenhouse”. If you’re a cannabis connoisseur, you’ve probably already heard of them and the team that travels to different exotic locations all over the world has a huge collection of some of the most amazing herb seeds in the world.

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